It has begun. 10 of the 14 housemates that went into lockdown over a week ago around the Gold Coast have entered the Big Brother house and the show has started.

Given the highly edited nature of the Daily Show, this live taping of the start of the show and the entry of the contestants is key to ensure the producers an start to develop stories around them each and also to work through any glitches that may happen at a taping (and as you may read, there were a few).

Evan Davis, “Man In The Front Row Of History” and part of the MolksTVTalk Big Brother team, attended the live taping and while phones were not be used he reverted to more traditional note taking methods (pen and paper) to capture the highlights of the experience – but we’ll only see some of them when the show starts tonight.

SPOILER ALERT!!! The following information is displayed in white text so as to not reveal any spoilers or information before the episode airs tonight on Channel 9. If you wish to view the details simply select the text with your mouse and all will be revealed.

Sent Big Brother
1750 entered dreamworld studios
Merchandise shop on right – blocked during show
HD cameras used via Global Television (but aired in SD)
Stage – big eye with shutter. Steps leading down
No walkway through crowd
Stairs on audience’s left is the exit to the house
Massive screen at back left of stage “Night time shots of Captain’s Quarters to come”
Near sellout. Some grass people upgraded to silver to fill empty seats
1829 BB coughs then announces himself to the audience
BB voice is Mike Goldman
Prizes to be given away to audience
1831 Mike does James Bond impersonation in eye
1842 applause video shots
1850 shuffle promo shot
Announced that mics will be in the pool water. May not be true
1900 show starts. $250k prize money
1903 fire on stage caused by pyrotechnics. Show stopped
1915 show recommences
1918 Michael 1st housemate. From Bris. Copywriter
1929 Sarah. Car salesperson. Put in parlour. Can watch male housemates
1935 shutter breaks down and is not used for the rest of the show
1942 Angie 21 sales rep. Very very similar look to a previous housemate. From Gold Coast
1951 Zoe – country girl. Has told family she’s at uni
2000 Layla 24 unemployed from Manchester UK. Lived in Brisbane since feb. auditions were when??
2010 Josh 28 musician from SA. looks like Tim freedman
2025. Charne. From the Gold Coast. Works at a dinner theatre. Al Ots certainly draculas. Retro 50s rockabilly look
2030. Layla lets it slip that she auditioned in the UK. Then corrects herself by saying she auditioned for UK BB. Is that her secret?
2033 Estelle skater chick. Law student from Morwell VIC
2042 3 promos for Tuesday recorded. One each for 9/WIN/NBN
2046 Stacey 24 account manager / advertising. Looks like Julia Zemiro
2055 last housemate for tonight Bradley. Geek! From Coraki. Works in parents supermarket. Stutters (that’s part of his bio). Has only been kissed by drunk girls
4 more male housemates go in on tues
The secrets are revealed re all male hms:
1. Has an iq of a genius
2. Scared of birds after being attacked by an emu
3. Fired from every job he’s had
4. No girlfriend since he was 11
5. Juvenile offender
6. Dated over 100 women
7. Multi-millionaire