For every program that you enjoy, there’s at least 4 you think you could do without. For every ad you like, there’s 4,000 that you can’t stand. Then there is a special layer of hell reserved for some ads that are so amazingly bad, so ear-splittingly horrible, so inconceivably repellant that you would think Hitler himself had farted them out his bottom and scrunched his nose at the smell.

I offer these this advertisement doing the rounds for a particular supermarket chain as an example of such crimes against humanity.

You. Me. We together can Stop Coles. We must. Speak to your local store manager and tell them what you think about the ad. If you hear it while shopping in store, fall on the ground and scream as if your eardrums have been perforated until the ad stops and then get up and continue shopping. Or simply don’t shop there.

There’s lots you can do. Let’s just Stop Coles.