That would be an understatement compared to what the Australian television-viewing, Survivor-loving public have thought of Channel 9’s decision to “hold over” Survivor: Redemption Island from the schedule this week. They started the series late (not winning any friends there), but then by way of their own redemption kicked off by playing two episodes back-to-back a week to help catch up. OK, so we’re still behind the US, but we were getting there.

With the airing of last week’s double episodes, Australia was caught up. The series is airing Wednesday night in the US (Thursday here), so we still have to wait 5 days to see it on our screens. But we could hold out. At least it was being tracked, if not fast-tracked. Then… nothing. Not listed in the guide for this week.

It’s ripped open an only recently healed wound for Survivor fans. “Outrageous”. “Ludicrous”. “They wonder why people download (television) when they treat us like this”. The best that GO! could offer was this:

Not good enough, is it? No explanation, no reason why Survivor is being held over, just a lame “we agree with you, don’t blame us” response. It’s also the most the network has delivered in regard to the delay. When it returns (GO! Tue 26/4, 8:30pm), it’s only for a single episode also – meaning that Australia is now two weeks (nearly three) behind the US. Again.

Not good enough, Channel 9. Other shows have been maintained during the ratings break, and you’re starting a whole bunch of shows next week to build traction going into the new ratings period. Why stop a series that was consistently rating second highest for the night on a digital multi-channel just to burn off episodes of Two and a Half Men and Mike and Molly. You wonder why you’re struggling to maintain audiences and you treat one of the most passionate groups of viewers like this. Not. Cool.

Interestingly, have a look at what angry Community fans have had to say about that show not returning this Monday night. What do you make of all this? Are you a pissed off Survivor or Community fan? Your thoughts?