I’ve been a fan of Jamie Dunn’s Agro since I first caught Cartoon Connection on Channel 7 as a kid (post the reign of Boris’s Breakfast Club). Then, having younger siblings, I saw a fair bit of it growing up too.

The comedy always appealed to me. The incisive sharp wit of one Mr Agro Vation, and his sidekicks Ian “Crikey the Clown” Calder and Mike “Gibbo” Gibson, always brought a smile to my face. I also learned as a teenager through rumours and whispers that Agro sometimes had quite the mouth. Legends were told of a ‘christmas tape’ that did the rounds of the television stations showing some of these monutmental moments.

Thank goodness for YouTube. Here we have a grab some some of the best bloopers and out-takes from Agro at the height of his career. Even though some of the jokes are passe, when delivered by an innocent puppet it takes it to a whole new level. LANGUAGE WARNING: There’s plenty of it in these clips, so be careful if you have sensitive ears.