Done and dusted for another year. The parties are done (they’re in full swing as I write), and the party-goers should be safely tucked up in their beds. Except for those fronting breakfast television – including 2011 Gold Logie winner Karl Stefanovic.

While the show didn’t really stand out in any massively positive way, it wasn’t the worst Logies we’ve experienced. There were lots of “nice” moments: Chrissie’s acceptance speech for Most Popular New Female Talent; the song sung by Eddie Perfect and Tripod during the In Memoriam section of the show; Laurie Oakes accepting his entry in the Logies Hall Of Fame with a cracking speech; just to name a few.

There were some less than average moments too: The entire red carpet experience beforehand; who let Shane Bourne play harmonica?; No Australian musical acts; the not quite completed gags about Sarah Murdoch presenting any kind of award; Jessie J’s “costume” (aka Vaginatown); the “banter” between Rachael Griffiths and Shane Bourne; again, just to name a few.

Importantly, we learnt some lessons from the 53rd Annual Logie awards:

  • The Logies are bigger than Bert Newton (AWOL) – and thank God
  • Actors and famous people dance as badly as the rest of us
  • It’s what happens in the background of shots that’s often more interesting than what’s in the foreground
  • Changing the voting to all online only changed up some of the older demo anchoring sure wins for shows like Packed to the Rafters
  • A fair number of the celebs attending soundly ignored the twitter ban, and played nice. No real spoilers (except from maybe Ben Fordham), and certainly less snark from them. The general public more than made up for it though
  • Laurie Oakes knows how to write an acceptance speech
  • Karl Stefanovic also knows how to write an acceptance speech… he just doesn’t know how to remember to bring it with him

It wasn’t the most horrible Logies ever, but it wasn’t the best. Too much needed tightening up. As host Shane Bourne was all over the place – his opener OK, but the rest a bit shoddy. It was a pretty good dress rehearsal though. I agreed with almost all the winners, and certainly would offer Karl a worthy Gold Logie winner. The full list of winners can be found here. Overall, a solid 6/10.

What did you think of the Logies? Agree with the winners or no? Did you like the musical acts? Leave you comments below!