Another disturbingly great segment this morning with Josh & Stace from Star FM. It’s almost becoming “Molk Hour” between 7-8am with them (they are so much fun to work with!).

With a big week for Channel 10 with the launch of their additional two new News programs (6PM with George Negus & Ten Evening News), the first week’s ratings weren’t so promising but I think/hope it will improve as people realise just how good it really is.

I continued to talk up the “Get Ricky!” campagin to have Ricky Gervais host the Logies this year ( With all the fuss over him hosting the Golden Globes (which I think he did wonderfully), he could breathe new life into what is fast becoming a parody of itself.

We also bid bye bye to the cricket & the tennis this Sunday – and welcome the 2011 ratings feast as it get serious next week (new programming everywhere)! Modern Family, Glee, Blue Bloods, Farmer Wants A Wife, Laid, In Gordon Street Tonight, My Kitchen Rules, Conviction Kitchen, MasterChef… it’s all happening.

I do so love my radio spots.

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