Some great conversations as I start to hit my stride this week. Disappointed with one of the segments as I was all over the place, not succinct and missed my cues. Chalk on up to experience, I guess. That said, the conversation from Monday with Kelly Higgins-Devine on 612 ABC Brisbane was a lot of fun – we even got a couple of calls. Steve ‘Controversy’ Molk, that’s me…

This week’s topics included:

  • The Beast is coming back! (Hungry Beast S03 – ABC1).
  • Winners and Losers – a great show in search of a timeslot (Ch7).
  • Why is Today Tonight (Ch7) so popular?
  • Two and a Half Men (Ch9) replaced by Big Bang Theory – in Brisbane only. The Charlie Sheen disaffect.
  • This Is Your YAWN! (Ch9) – Don’t you need to have had a life to have been on this show?
  • Knee-jerk programming rules at Ch10 (Undercover Boss, Blue Bloods).
  • Neighbours rules the roost on Eleven.
  • Has Q & A jumped the shark (the Dicko)?
  • The Molkies!
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