Another week, another YTT team member drip fed to us. If it wasn’t for the news that the show is premiering on Sunday 22/01 then you’d be excused for thinking they’ll just keep releasing team members one at a time until every kid in Australia has had a go. Nonetheless, welcome Tyler. This kid has scored the worst styling yet for a rocker over-ennunciating an R’n’B song. From the press release:

Tyler, 14, from Victoria, is the fourth cast member to join the official Young Talent Time cast, when the iconic series returns to Network Ten later this month. Set to bring the noise, Tyler’s love of all things rock ‘n’ roll, made him an immediate stand-out when the judges first saw him audition back in September.

Tyler’s passion for 80’s rock has been heavily influenced by the legends of the genre – Axl Rose, Steven Tyler and Brian Johnson. But it’s not just these classic killer vocals that have inspired Tyler’s style, it’s their wardrobe too. Inspired by Guns n’ Roses’ frontman Axl Rose, Tyler is most comfortable in band tee’s and bandanas. A contrast to R & B, pop and show-tune loving cast members Aydan, 11, Lyndall and Adrien 15, Tyler proves that rock has a firm place in Young Talent Time for 2012.

Tyler first began singing at home, taking cues from Dad, a rock music fan himself. Singing and dancing together has formed a tight bond within the family, with Tyler citing his parents as his heroes. Tyler has recently relocated to Sydney from Melbourne for YTT, and now attends a performing arts high school.

To check out Tyler in action see the attached clip, and watch The Project on Monday 9 Jan at 6.30pm.