Two down, eight more to go. Hopefully the remainder won’t be metered out in the same way, however until then… the rebooted Young Talent Time welcomes their newest member, Lyndall! She’s Lyndall-tastic! From the press release:

Fifteen year old Lyndall from Sydney, has been named the next member of the Young Talent Time cast for 2012. Lyndall joins fifteen year old Adrien, in the cast of ten outstanding young performers who make up the official Young Talent Time team, set to take to the stage every week when the show kicks off early next year.

Lyndall’s amazing moves on the dance floor are equally matched by her powerful vocals, and it was this combination that made her a sure bet when the judges came to select the final cast, amongst the 30,000 people that auditioned around the country.

Eager to make her dream of stardom a reality, Lyndall has been working hard since the age of four (yes four!), and attends vocal and dance classes four times a week. A fan of modern artists including Jessie J and Stan Walker, Lyndall also takes inspiration from divas Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera, as well as musical theatre legend Liza Minnelli.

To see Lyndall in action check out the attached clip and tune into The Project tonight at 6.30pm on TEN.