All sorts of surprises make up the Top 12 for The X Factor Australia – having met both JTR & Dami they are sure to both do really well in the live performance/audience vote section of the show, starting Sunday. From the press release:

Tonight’s final Home Visit on THE X FACTOR was emotion-charged as the judge’s had to say goodbye to half of their acts to arm themselves with their top three to sing it out at next week’s all important first live show.

Thousands across Australia auditioned, and following months of fierce competition, the performers who blew the nation and judges away, and captured our hearts, have been revealed.

They’ve stood out from thousands at nerve-racking auditions, survived Super Boot Camp and travelled the world for Home Visits. Now after months of fierce competition and emotion, the 12 performers who blew the judges away and captured our hearts while doing it, have been revealed.

THE X FACTOR live performance shows start 6.30pm Sunday when our Top 12 sing live to keep their place in the competition. On Mondays at 7.30pm, the results of the viewer vote will be in and one contestant will leave the show.