Even the undead have fans – as well they should, too. They’ve undergone somewhat of a renaissance and are well back in vogue. No mean feat for those whose principal aim is to eat your brain. So it’s natural that the decidedly decaying should feature on their own show… and what a show it is…

Hi I’m David and I am a nerd.

Let’s just put that out there. I am a big geek. Not a bit of a geek. A comic book loving/technology lusting/ sci-fi/music nerd. (It’s good to clarify here, so I don’t get any haters, my “sci-fi” is light. I am no D&D lover for frak’s sake. I like being light and commercial.)

As a confessed geektastic personality, when something like TWD comes along I could not be more excited. Every week my wife and I (that’s right, married… she is a supernerd also..Bazinga) wait for a new episode of this fanatsmagorical series.

You see, Vampires are over. Sorry Twihards. A creative stake went through their heart for me with this series. I am too much of a Lost Boys fan (natch). Werewolves? Never really got any traction. Maybe the beginning of Thriller. Maybe. What makes Thriller, Thriller? Zombie dance with MJ. We ALL tried to Zombie dance in the 80’s. The undead was way cool thanks to MJ.
Mummys? Nope. Sorry Brendan Fraser.

It’s all about the rotting, dribbling, rigor mortis bearing “Walkers”.

This series, based on a famous comic and adapted by Frank Darabont is amazeballs. If you haven’t seen it stop reading now and start watching immediately… I’ll wait.





How good is that? I know.

SPOILER: It keeps getting better.
The acting is brilliant. Not trashy. Always high stakes thanks to the writing and (now multiple) producers. Andrew Lincoln is the heart ( and perfectly coiffed beard ) of the show. That slightly pudgy dude from “Love Actually” makes you forget all the terrible things in that film to be wonderful as the Sheriff trying to make sense of a dead world. Keep his family and a rag-tag bunch of people moving and not being made dinner.
(Side note for the romantics. I am not hating on Love Actually, but let’s all just be at the same table and say.. Come on. So many plot lines! Lots of which DO NOT work. The ones that do (Bill Nighy, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson) are nearly brought down by the others.. ( dare I say it.. Andrew Lincoln/Keira Knightly)
(Side note 2: Bill Nighy gets extra points for being in Shaun of the Dead. Best. Zombie. Rom Com. Ever.)

So let’s just say, in the sci fi (light) world. The Zombies have won. I should probably give a shout out to George A Romero. Dad of the Dead. Go watch this. Then watch other “Un-Dead” classics like 28 Days Later, Rec, Shaun, Dawn of, Day of, Zombieland.

Also, hands up who would like Sonia Kruger to be a part of the Aussie remake of “Dead Set”, where the end of days happens while trapped in the Big Brother house???? Me too.

Got to go… I have to sweep the perimeters before nightfall.

David Campbell

David Campbell

David Campbell is one of Australia’s most popular entertainers. A multi-platinum selling recording artist, David has featured on TV, starred in theatre and cabaret, recorded three Top Ten albums, and sold out concert tours from coast to coast. He has a unique legacy as not just one of Australia’s leading musical theatre stars, but also one of the few local performers to have achieved similar success in New York.

In recent years Campbell’s position in the Australian entertainment industry expanded with his appointment as Artistic Director of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival (the largest cabaret festival in the world), and the success of Luckiest Productions, the production company he runs with his wife Lisa. Luckiest now produces all of Campbell’s national tours, as well as many other independent projects.

David’s most recent album David Campbell On Broadway saw Campbell interpreting a host of beloved musical theatre songs on record for the first time. The album combined songs from hit shows in which he has starred (Les Miserables, Company, Guys & Dolls, Carousel) with songs from other hit musicals (Oklahoma!, Hello, Dolly!, Chicago, On The Town), and even a world premiere recording from Catch Me If You Can, by Hairspray writers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman.

David released his latest album ‘Let’s Go’, in November 2011 and is the new co-host of MORNINGS on the Nine Network along with Sonia Kruger. Not once has he allowed Steve Molk to eat his brainz, although it’s only a matter of time.