There have been few characters on TV as enigmatic as Dr Gregory House. As quickly as people fell in love with him they started to hold him to account (isn’t it always the way that the people you love are often the ones that hurt you the most)…

Dear House,

SLAP. That’s for treating Cuddy so poorly.

SLAP. SLAP. That’s for disregarding your loyal puppy dog best friend Wilson. How could you?

SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. That’s for treating your interns like mugs and turning them from law abiding prodigies to petty crims who break into patient’s homes to find out some ‘secret or lie’ that may or may not exist.

AND… SLAP. That’s because you infuriate me. Now kiss me!

House – I love to hate you. You’re a medical genius who saves lives that no one else can but hands out misery like lollies at a kid’s party.

And … let’s face it at times you’re a real jerk.

So WHY do I find you so intriguing?

It’s simple. I turn you on… because you turn me on.

I mean – you’re not the first medical drama to light up my screen and I doubt you’ll be the last.

You’re certainly no McDreamy nor McSteamy?


Your deliberate Holmes-esque style of deductive reasoning makes me want to fasten my seat belt. Your complex, contemptuous and contentious relationships make me tighten the strap. Your viacadon laced spirit makes want to me scream. And your diagnosis of the often undiagnosable leaves me wanting another ride on the rickety old rollercoaster.

Each week you hobble – like a crippled Fred Astaire – around the predictable structure of 1) case; 2) misdiagnosis (usually sarcoidosis); and 3) diagnosis. Hurrah!

But I never tire of the routine… because there are always so many layers and intriguing twists and

There’s a reason why you’ve won so many Emmy’s, People’s Choice and Golden Globe awards.

It’s because you’re different.

You’re a deeply flawed character – think leads in Breaking Bad, Homeland or Dexter. But better.

We can relate to you … to a point. And we remain in awe of you … to a point.

But I also feel very sorry for you. You’re a misery guts… unable to love anyone. Not even yourself.

Oh and did I mention you’re a jerk?

Medical science has always intrigued me.

I never finished medical school. And if truth be known … I never started it!

But after years of watching you House – I (foolishly) feel slightly more educated.

So it’s no surprise that with my reluctance to separate medical fact from fiction – I’m often diagnosing sniffly nosed friends with subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE). Something I learnt from you.

So it seems I too am infected with a malady… and its name is Dr Gregory House MD – ironically an infectious disease specialist.. with no cure.

Oh and did I mention you’re a jerk?



PS If the truth be known I actually love Sam Seaborn (West Wing) more… but he was already taken!

Kath Robinson

Kath Robinson

Kathryn Robinson is the host of Ten’s Meet the Press every Sunday morning, and as close to being a lifer with the network as you can get. She’s hosted every news bulletin they have to offer from 5pm to Late News as well as The Project, several live broadcasts of major events such as the City to Surf, Jessica’s Watson’s homecoming, The Royal wedding, Cyclones Yasi, and The Commonwealth Games. Prior to joining Meet The Press Kath hosted Ten’s Breakfast.

There are few things that surprise the mother of two, least of all a request by Steve Molk to write this piece. The qualified journalist and economist is also an ambassador for Canteen and the Butterfly Foundation. And when she’s not hosting her a weekly political show… you can find her on the harbour paddle boarding, at soccer with her children or spending time with her family and friends.