I know – but it was too easy. That said it actually sounds pretty good. Based on the popular UK series, Send in the Dogs Australia is less about the Baha Men and more about the work of the Victorian and Queensland Police Dogs Squads. The dedication the officers and their animals show has always amazed me and so this new reality series looks to be a great challenge to the competing programs in the same timeslot. From the press release:

We’ve seen how British police dogs catch British crims, now, for the first time ever, see how our own Aussie police dogs hunt down the bad guys in Send in the Dogs Australia, Channel Nine’s action-packed new documentary series about the day-to-day work of Australia’s police dog squads.

Filmed in Brisbane and Melbourne the series goes on the beat day and night with Aussie police dogs and their handlers as they take to the streets to fight crime. It’s a compelling story about the extraordinary and little known work of these elite police teams.

Send in the Dogs Australia follows the specially trained dogs and their handlers as they chase down criminals, stop drug-runners in their tracks and follow their nose to clean up our streets.

For all the advances of the modern world, new technology is yet to match the natural instincts of police dogs. From sniffing out a single ecstasy tablet buried in a packet of mints to tracking down a missing person when all hope seems lost, the ability of these dogs will amaze you.

Send in the Dogs Australia also reveals the close relationship between police dogs and their handlers. In week one, Snr Constable Tony Chiverall is faced with a tough decision – does he ignore the squad’s oldest police dog, who appears to be heading in the wrong direction, or does he abandon reason and trust his faithful partner’s instincts?

David Mason, Head of Development at the Nine Network, said the series was a first for Australian television. “We’ve seen real-life crime shows before, but never have we seen the incredible skills of an Australian dog squad first-hand.

“These dogs and their handlers make up an incredible team and what they uncover is amazing.”


Send in the Dogs Australia – premieres Sun 19/02 7.00pm, Ch9.