This guy was a respectable member of society until the 2011 Molkies...

With only two weeks of Molkies voting left, it’s absolutely the business end of the season. Look for an announcement this week as to the 2012 Molkies Awards and you chance to maybe score a ticket! Sponsorship options are still available for those interested.

Unless there’s a massive swing in some of the voting (and that’s highly unlikely), at least 4 categories have already been decided by a landslide. These categories include: Highest profile appearance by you; Most Obvious/worst product placement; Best News service; and Worst In Show. That said, it’s SUPER tight in a couple of other categories: Best Cameo; and Most Notable Performance by a Journalist. Like “a couple of votes” tight. See what you’re a part of??!!

This week there’s some pretty amazing prizes thanks to our generous voting sponsors. A very special thanks to IceTV for their generous donation again this week of a one year subscription to their very cool EPG service – and a Humax PVR in the Week 6 voting round! Our voting prize winners for week 4 are:

  1. Phat Lootz pack from GOOD GAME – Brian H
  2. DVD/Merch pack from FREEVIEW – Heather
  3. Gruen seasons 1-4 DVD box set from WIL ANDERSON – Michael M
  4. Signed cook book from JULIE GOODWIN – Patrick C
  5. Set of signed novels from STEPHEN M IRWIN – Lachlan B
  6. Signed NRL All Stars training shirt – Michael C
  8. 1 year IceTV EPG subscription – Erin T

WELL DONE! We’ll be in touch with each of the prize winners via e-mail to arrange delivery.

There’s only two weeks left and so the prizes get even more amazeballs: A dinner for four, cooked by MasterChef contestant Danielle Dixon; signed book from Marc Fennell; a Freeview prize pack; a book from the team at Things Bogans Like; A double pass for Thu/Fri for the BNE Sit Down Comedy Club; 2 tix to Cal Wilson’s Melbourne Comedy Festival show “Cal Wilson Is All Ears”; and A 1 year IceTV subscription. If you’ve already voted, you’re still in the running! Spread the word so others can join the fun!