The biggest and best new television awards in Australia are back in 2012… and it’s time for you to cast your vote. Again.

Voting is open until 23 March 2012, and you can only enter once. The support from people offering voter prizes has been overwhelming – all sorts of amazing things, and everyone who votes is in the running for every one of the weekly prizes: An NRL All Stars training shirt, signed by the entire team; signed books, CD’s & DVD’s; a Working Dog/Sports Fever pack; gourmet fairy floss from Spun; a dinner for 4 from Masterchef contestant Danielle Dixon; TV merch packs; tickets to comedy shows; a Good Game TV phat lootz pack; DVD packs and a DVR courtesy Freeview; IceTV has very generously offered 6 x 1 year subscriptions (one for each week of voting) AND a HUMAX HDR-7500T PVR from their wide range of supported products; and lots, lots more. Winners will be contacted via email and announced via Twitter and the weekly update post, so keep your eyes peeled. There’s great prizes being given away each week!

Consequently, there are a couple of special mentions for sponsors:
IceTV have very generously offered 6 x $99 yearly subscriptions to their Interactive Electronic Program Guide (EPG) as well as an overall prize of a Humax HDR-7500T PVR! With IceTV’s intelligent recording EPG, you can configure your PVR or Media Centre to get all the latest guide updates as well as set to record a show or series via the Web or on your iPhone or Android device. It is without question the best EPG available on the market. Thanks IceTV!

MYFACE FIGURINES have again come on board and are are creating all 12 Molkies statuettes to present to their respective winners at the Molkies Awards ceremony. The craftsmanship involved in a MyFace Figurine is completely incredible, so I’m looking forward to what Trent & his team come up with. Thanks MyFace!

Massive thanks need to also go to Scott Hampson (@Agent_X)- illustrator and comic artist, responsible for not only the MolksTVTalk logo, but also the design of the Molkies statuettes themselves! In his other, other day job he writes a pretty awesome series of one panel comics. So very, very talented.

Now, it’s over to you. Time to cast your votes and see democracy done for Australian TV in a way it’s never been done before. You have the power, you have the chance to say what’s the best and the worst, what’s crap and what’s awesome. Voting… starts… NOW!

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