If you do nothing else this week as far as television viewing goes – watch the finale of The Block and the first episode of Underbelly Razor. The former so you can be sure it finished and the latter because it is simply brilliant drama and will have you hooked for the rest of the 13 weeks it will air. A delicious run to the end of the year for Ch9, with Farmer Wants a Wife starting on Monday as well. That said, Ch7 are starting Packed To The Rafters again this week (bumping the finale of Winners and Losers to after it – ratings generating gold)… so who’s going to win Wednesday?


  • Sunday Night – Sun 6:30pm, Ch7
  • The Block (finale) – Sun 6:30pm Ch9
  • Bondi Vet – Sun 6:30pm, Ch10
  • Bondi Rescue – Sun 7pm, Ch10
  • Grand Designs – Sun 7:30pm, ABC1
  • Highway Patrol – Sun 7:30pm, Ch7
  • 60 Minutes – Sun 7:30pm, Ch9
  • The Renovators – Sun/Mon/Tue 8pm/Wed/Thu 8pm/Fri 7:30pm, Ch10
  • The Force – Sun 8pm, Ch7
  • Underbelly Razor – Sun 8:30pm, Ch9
  • Farmer Wants A Wife (season return) – Mon 7pm/Wed 8:30pm, Ch9
  • Mythbusters – Mon 7:30pm, SBS one
  • Australian Story – Mon 8pm, ABC1
  • Four Corners 50th Anniversary Special – Mon 8:30pm, ABC1
  • Body Of Proof (double ep) – Mon 8:30pm, Ch7
  • Can Of Worms – Mon 8:30pm, Ch10
  • Suits – Mon 10:30pm, Ch7
  • Flight Of The Conchords (rpt) – Mon 10pm, SBS one
  • Modern Family – Tue 7:30pm (rpt Thu 7:30pm), Ch10
  • Top Gear UK – Tue 8:30pm, Ch9
  • Four Weddings – Tue 7:30pm, Ch7
  • The Office (US) – Tue 8:30pm/9pm, Eleven
  • Packed To The Rafters (season return) – Tue 8:30pm, Ch7
  • Winners and Losers (season finale) – Tue 9:30pm, Ch7
  • Wilfred (US) – Tue 9:30pm, Eleven
  • Californication (rpt) – Tue 10pm, Eleven
  • Top Design – Wed 7:30pm, Ch9
  • Poh’s Kitchen on the Road – Wed 8pm, ABC1
  • Spicks and Specks – Wed 8:30pm, ABC1
  • Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation – Wed 8:30pm, Ch10
  • The Gruen Transfer – Wed 9pm, ABC1
  • Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey – Wed 9:30pm, ABC1
  • Sons Of Anarchy – Wed 9:30pm, Eleven
  • Dinner Date – Thu 7:30pm, Ch7
  • Crownies – Thu 8:30pm, ABC1
  • Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year – Thu 8:30pm, Ch9
  • James May’s Toy Stories (final rpt) – Fri 7:30pm, SBS one
  • The Glee Project – Fri 7:30pm, Eleven
  • MOVIE: Pulp Fiction – Fri 9:50pm, GO!
  • Sex: An Unnatural History – Fri 10:05pm, SBS one
  • RocKwiz – Sat 9:20pm, SBS one


  • Compass – Sun 10pm, ABC1
  • Arrested Development – Thu 8:30pm, ABC2
  • Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections – Sat 7:30pm, SBS one


  • 6:30PM with George Negus – Weeknights 6:30pm, Ch10
  • The 7pm Project – Weeknights 7pm, Ch10
  • Media Watch – Mon 9:15pm, ABC1
  • Q & A – Mon 9:35pm, ABC1
  • Good Game – Tue 8:30pm, ABC2
  • Hardcore Pawn – Wed 8:30pm, 7mate
  • American Pickers – Wed 9:30pm, 7mate
  • Swamp People – Thu 7:30pm, 7mate
  • Pawn Stars – Thu 8:30pm, 7mate
  • The NRL Game Plan – Thu 8:30pm, One
  • Embarrassing Bodies – Thu 9:30pm, GEM
  • Operation Repo – Thu 9:30pm, 7mate
  • Up Late – Thu 11:50pm, GO!
  • NRL – Fri 7:30pm/9:30pm, Ch9


  • Everyday Gourmet – Weekdays 4pm, Ch10
  • Winners and Losers – Tue 8:30pm, Ch7
  • The Hotel – Wed 8:30pm, SBS one
  • Law & Order: UK – Fri 8:30pm, Ch10


  • CSI: Miami – Mon 10:30pm, Ch9
  • The Defenders – Wed 9:30pm, Ch10
  • Detroit-187 – Wed 11pm, Ch7


  • Rescue Special Ops – Mon 8:30pm, Ch9
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians – Tue 11pm, Ch7
  • NRL Footy Show – Thu 9:30pm, Ch9

It’s all eyes on Channel 9 Sunday night, starting with the finale of The Block. Given the depressed housing market in Melbourne at the moment, will the work and promotion be enough to give the four couples a dream ending of a decent sale price? Find out tonight from 6:30pm, leading into Underbelly Razor – which I cannot talk up enough. It’s just brilliant.

Farmer Wants a Wife ride back into town on Monday to Channel 9 with a special 90 minute episode introducing the farmers and their potential dates. It’s must see for fans, and the early eps are amazing examples of what some women will do to get their face on TV.

The first episode of Joy Of Sets is now in the can, and soon to be seen on Channel 9. Another Zapruder production, and featuring Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, this is sure to be a hit amongst comedy nerds and general TV tragics alike. IT will be good if it gains wider appeal, as it will likely include some of the smartest sketch comedy going around. Airdate yet to be announced, but KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES…