The first week of Summer non-ratings bring their own surprises. The History Channel offers The People Speak – Democracy Is Not A Sport, recorded recently at the Sydney Opera House including performances from Jack Thompson and Julia Stone. A compelling evening’s viewing.

Ben and Kate and The New Normal return in an attempt for these new series strugglers to get a foothold in the viewers minds and hearts – which, given they’re on Ch10, could be tough.

Stellar timing by Ch9 sees House Husbands and Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War repeats back in the lead up to Christmas, as well as week-on-week Friday night replays of the three Lord Of The Rings trilogy movies leading up to the release of The Hobbit on Boxing Day.

The best new show this week drops on Wednesday in The Wedding Band – a fun series looking at the life of the wedding party and everything it takes to be a weekend rock star.


  • Sunday Night (summer series) – Sun 6:30pm, Ch7
  • Michael Palin’s Brazil (series finale) – Sun 7:30pm, ABC1
  • Border Patrol – Sun 7:30pm, Ch7
  • Modern Family – Sun 7:30pm, Ch10
  • 60 Minutes (summer series) – Sun 7:30pm, Ch9
  • Crossfire Hurricane (part 2 of 2) – Sun 8:30pm, ABC2
  • Homeland – Sun 8:30pm, Ch10
  • The Mentalist – Sun 8:30pm, Ch9
  • Nazi Hunters (series premiere) – Sun 9:30pm, Ch7
  • Vegas – Sun 9:30pm, Ch10
  • Go Girls (S04 series premiere) – Sun/Fri 10:30pm; Sat 9:30pm/10:30pm, Ch10
  • Southland – Sun 11:30pm, Ch9
  • Mythbusters – Mon 7:35pm, SBS one
  • Ben and Kate – Mon 8pm, Ch10
  • Modern Spies (part 2 of 2) – Mon 8:30pm, ABC1
  • The Mentalist – Mon 8:30pm, Ch9
  • The New Normal – Mon 9pm, Ch10
  • House Husbands (S01 repeat) – Mon 9:30pm, Ch9
  • House Of Lies – Mon 9:30pm, ONE
  • The Amazing Race US – Mon 10:40pm, Ch7
  • Ten Late News – Mon-Thu 10:40pm, Ch10
  • Whitney – Mon 11:40pm, Ch7
  • Once Upon A Time – Tue/Thu 7:30pm, Ch7
  • Jamie’s 15 Minutes Meals (double episode) – Tue/Thu 7:30pm, Ch10
  • Good Game (season finale Christmas episode) – Tue 8:30pm, ABC2
  • NCIS – Tue 8:35pm, Ch10
  • NCIS:LA – Tue 9:35pm, Ch10
  • Survivor: Philippines – Tue 10:30pm, Ch9
  • Glee – Wed 7:30pm, Ch10
  • A Moody Christmas (season final) – Wed 8:30pm, ABC1
  • Grimm (double episode) – Wed 8:30pm, Ch7
  • Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War (E01 repeat) – Wed 8:30pm, Ch9
  • Problems – Wed 9pm, ABC1
  • Embarrassing Bodies – Wed 9:30pm, Ch9
  • The Cult (series premiere) – Wed 10:30pm, Ch7
  • Getaway- Thu 7:30pm, Ch9
  • Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong 2 – Thu 8pm, SBS one
  • Redfern Now (season finale) – Thu 8:30pm, ABC1
  • The Warehouse Comedy Festival (Michael Workman: Mercy) – Thu 9pm, ABC2
  • The Living Room summer series – Fri 7:30pm, Ch10
  • Burn Notice (S06 premiere) – Fri 9pm, Ch10


  • Hit & Miss – Mon 9:30pm, ABC2
  • Hardcore Pawn – Wed 8:30pm, 7mate

      • The Project – Sun-Fri 6pm, Ch10
      • Compass – Sun 6:30pm, ABC1
      • Person Of Interest – Sun 11pm, Ch9
      • Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Mon 7:30pm, ONE
      • Yes Chef – Sat 3pm, Ch10
      • A Taste Of Travel – Sat 3:30pm, Ch10
      • Love To Share – Sat 4pm, Ch10


      • Merlin – Sun 6:30pm, Ch10
      • Grandstand – Mon-Thu 7:30pm, ABC News 24
      • Castle – Mon 8:45pm, Ch7
      • Hawaii 5-O – Mon 9:30pm, Ch10
      • 2 Broke Girls – Tue 9:00pm, Ch9
      • Grey’s Anatomy – Tue 9:40pm, Ch7
      • The Good Wife – Wed 8:30pm, Ch10
      • Red Dwarf X – Wed 9:30pm, ABC1
      • Better Homes and Gardens – Fri 7pm, Ch7


      • Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea – Wed 11:30pm, Ch9

      DO. NOT. BOTHER.

      • Big Fat Gypsy Weddings – Wed 8:30pm, Ch9
      • Emily Owens MD – Wed 9:30pm, Ch10