Daylight savings starts in the southern states, and Qld is left behind again. A whole bunch of new shows launch this week (Week 41), so there’s more than enough to watch – and a LOT of movies also. Seems that the easiest way to program some digital multi-channels is fill them with movies. The biggest controversy is the possible, yet to be confirmed, cancellation of The Joy Of Sets after only two weeks. A double episode of Survivor: South Pacific has been scheduled to run from 9pm to 11:30pm, with no listing for Joy of Sets, even though all guides still list it. Perhaps a mis-print, perhaps a conspiracy. Either way, I blame the thugs in the scallop industry.


  • NRL Grand Final Pre-Match Entertainment – Sun 3:30pm, Ch9
  • NRL Grand Final: Manly vs New Zealand – Sun 4pm, Ch9
  • Sunday Night – Sun 6:30pm, Ch7
  • The Renovators – Sun 6:30pm; Tue/Wed 8pm/Thu/Fri 7:30pm, Ch10
  • Grand Designs – Sun 7:30pm, ABC1
  • Wild Boys – Sun 7:30pm (rpt following Sun 10am), Ch7
  • Underbelly Razor – Sun 8:30pm, Ch9 (rpt Fri 8:30pm, GEM)
  • Junior Masterchef – Sun/Mon 7:30pm, Ch10
  • The No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency – Sun 8:20pm, ABC1
  • Terra Nova (series premiere) – Sun 8:30pm, Ch10
  • Person Of Interest – Sun 9:30pm, Ch9
  • Compass – Sun 9:45pm, ABC1
  • David Hasselhoff Roast – Sun 10:30pm, Ch9
  • Farmer Wants A Wife (season finale) – Mon 7pm, Ch9
  • William Shatner’s Weird or What (series return) – Mon 7:30pm, SBS one
  • Australian Story – Mon 8pm, ABC1
  • Four Corners – Mon 8:30pm, ABC1
  • The Mentalist (series return) – Mon 8:30pm, Ch9
  • Breaking Bad – Mon 9:30pm, ABC2
  • CSI: Miami – Mon 9:30pm, Ch9
  • The Office (US) – Tue 9:30pm, Eleven
  • Survivor: South Pacific – Tue 9pm, Ch9
  • Spicks and Specks – Wed 8:30pm, ABC1
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Wed 8:30pm, Ch9
  • Glee – Wed 8:30pm, Ch10
  • The Gruen Planet – Wed 9pm, ABC1
  • The Hamster Wheel (series premiere) – Wed 9:30pm, ABC1
  • Sons Of Anarchy – Wed 9:30pm, Eleven
  • Four Weddings – Thu 7:30pm, Ch7
  • The Slap (series premiere) – Thu 8:30pm, ABC1
  • Beauty and the Geek Australia – Thu 8:30pm, Ch7
  • Unforgettable (series premiere) – Thu 8:30pm, Ch9
  • The Bazura Project – Thu 9pm, ABC2
  • Crownies – Thu 9:30pm, ABC1
  • Big Love (series return) – Thu 10pm, SBS one
  • Dr Who (series finale) – Sat 7:30pm, ABC1
  • Penn & Teller: Fool Us – Sat 9:25pm, ABC1
  • RocKwiz – Sat 9:30pm, SBS one


  • MOVIE: A Time To Kill – Sun 8:30pm, GEM
  • Suits – Mon 10:30pm, Ch7
  • Can Of Worms (rpt) – Tue 9:30pm, ONE
  • Lockdown – Thu 9pm, 7mate
  • MOVIE: Lost In Space – Fri 7:30pm, GO!
  • Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections – Sat 7:30pm, SBS one
  • Ross Noble’s Australian Trip (rpt) – Sat 9pm, ONE


  • 6:30PM with George Negus – Weeknights 6:30pm, Ch10
  • The 7pm Project – Weeknights 7pm, Ch10
  • Media Watch – Mon 9:15pm, ABC1
  • Q & A – Mon 9:35pm, ABC1
  • Good Game – Tue 8:30pm, ABC2
  • Hardcore Pawn – Wed 8:30pm, 7mate
  • The NRL Game Plan – Thu 8:30pm, One
  • Embarrassing Bodies – Thu 9:30pm, GEM


  • The X Factor Australia (Live shows) – Mon/Tue 7:30pm, Ch7
  • Undercover Boss Australia – Mon 8:30pm, Ch10
  • Charlie’s Angels (season premiere) – Tue 7:30pm, Ch9
  • NCIS – Tue 8:30pm, Ch10
  • Packed To The Rafters – Tue 8:30pm, Ch7
  • NCIS:LA – Tue 9:30pm, Ch10
  • Two and a Half Men (feat Ashton Kutcher) – Tue 8:30pm, Ch9
  • World’s Strictest Parents – Wed 7:30pm, Ch7
  • Poh’s Kitchen on the Road – Wed 8pm, ABC1
  • Hawaii Five-0 – Wed 9:30pm, Ch10


  • Good News World – Mon 10:30pm, Ch10
  • Rush – Thu 9:30pm, Ch10


  • Swift & Shift – Mon 8:30pm, SBS one
  • Pizza (season finale) – Mon 90pm, Ch9
  • twentysomething – Tue 9pm, ABC2
  • The One (series return) – Wed 7:30pm, Ch7

Tune into Channel 10 today from 5pm to see their new national 90 minute weekend News bulletin. Hosted from Sydney by Natarsha Belling, with local input from each state, it will be interesting to see how the network handles this new adjustment to it’s NEWSCAFF service.

Simon Baker is back as The Mentalist this week, dealing with the aftermath of finally killing Red John. It should be a compelling series, but what will the former psychic/confidence trickster do with no nemesis on the loose?

Lock all your doors, take the phone off the hook, and settle in for the first episode of The Slap this Thursday at 8:30pm. It’s a compelling televisual transformation of Christos Tsiolkas’s novel, and one you’ll be glad to have seen.