Tim Bailey has been with Channel 10 for 20 years. You think about that. Two decades delivering, among other things, the weather or the sport or fronting a fundraiser or a music something or Totally Wild or the weather. That’s a VERY long time, especially for someone who is essentially a network personality (i.e. not a newsreader or journalist). Sure, he does other stuff, however it’s his work on Ch10 that has given him the higest profile.

The following package was prepared for him and aired on the anniversary of his 20 years at the end of the Sydney News bulletin on Friday 21/1/11. The most shocking revelation contained within, and acknowledged by Bailey himself is his varieties of blonde mullets. There are many, and most of them are bad. They did include some funny moments – but there were so many more that could have been included. Then again, it was a G rated timeslot.

Congratulations Tim. Not many people in the television business can stand hand on heart and say that their employer has stood behind them for 20 years – you’re one of the lucky ones.