The Block Sky HighSun 6:30pm, Mon-Thu 7pm, Ch9
After last night’s news it’s a different Block today. Sad times indeed as news spread that Becs’ mum finally lost her battle with cancer. It means Posh & Becs will be notably absent this week as they spend time with their family.

The teams on Levels 4 & 5 have told Posh & Becs they’ll pitch in and get everything they can done for them to help out. A lovely gesture to help a team that won’t get much done on this week’s room.

The ceiling guys are in early on Level 1, waking the Twiins (and pretty much everyone else above them). The use of power tools before 7am is a no no, but cordless power tools are OK when used with discretion. Which is not what this was. It got Matt & Kim out of bed and off to source coffee which is important at any time of day.

Given the news re: Posh & Becs’ mum it’s hard to stay upbeat for this recap. Just sayin’.

Everyone has fond memories of the bedhead challenge, and by everyone I mean no one. Scotty has offered the teams can make minor changes to their bedheads to be able to use them and Madi is planning to stretch the understanding of “minor” as far as she can.

Twiin 2 is concerned about getting the exterior painting done and in asking Keef she’s reminded him it’s not completed so he’s gonna ride everyone to get it done. Two coats – hurry up, people! Johnno had a big night on the beers and Trixie is making the most of it. You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you knock over a fluoro light and it smashes.

Twiin 1 gets a visit from Scotty to find out how their budget is going – not to see it, more to find out that they’re keeping it together. She admits they don’t have a spreadsheet tracking everything… she’s just keeping in in her head. Good luck with that.

Matt’s diving in to deliver another polished concrete wall in their guest room and is confident it’ll all come together. He’s just concerned how the bedhead is going to work in the room. Ahh, bedheadgate is brewing.

Every new day on the Block offers a whole new raft of decisions and today it’s tile choices for the Twiins. They carry the mantle of “Bathroom Queens” very seriously so even the choice of tile is laboured.

On Level 4 Madi & Trixie have realised it’s their last chance to go linen shopping, so OFF TO MYER THEY GO! The shopping is very quickly hijacked into a moment of beauty for Trixie, workboots and all. It’s what she likes to call her Industrial Princess style. Johnno’s struggling back on the Block with his hangover but has to soldier on with the Reece meeting so he gets his spa.

Women still be shopping for linen. And fans, eh Twiin 2? She’s not worried about tracking how much she and her sister have spent as they’ve got it covered (somehow).

Matt’s happy with his progress on Level 2; the Twiins are pretty confident on Level 1; Madi’s looking forward to Jarrod leaving Level 3 to go re-engineer their bedhead tomorrow. At least there’s always the exterior walls to be painted, which Madi dives into on the promise of ice cream. When no ice cream appears there’s the expected interrogation of Jarrod (and his new look “I just leant on a newly painted black wall”).

Day 42 on the Block has all sorts of banging and building taking place, but it’s the bedheads that are causing the biggest concerns for everyone. Jarrod has plans to “re-create” the bedhead he and Madi made – clearly against the rules of the challenge. Trixie has big plans for her bedhead which also includes remaking it. The Twiins want to reupholster their bedhead. BEDHEADGATE.

Level 3’s builder Tom is in to help Posh & Becs and is feeling all alone having to do stuff and is kinda complaining no-one is pitching in to help his friends. This just as Twiin 1 appears and starts painting the exterior of Level 3 to help out.

Keef’s excited because the bedheads are about to be delivered and there’s still all sorts of noise around what the Blockheads intend to do with their returning pieces. Squares v hexagons aside, the tiles that Matt & Kim are looking at are pretty awesome. Just not sure they’ll work with the bedhead they made.

Tom’s trying his best to be bouyant on Posh & Bec’s bedhead but it’s clear he doesn’t like it. Thus the pillows are gone immediately. Johnno doesn’t know what to do with his either, but the Twiins have their sizeable noses out of joint over the work the other teams are putting in to “re-jig” their bedheads.

Jarrod & Madi have taken off to their cabinet maker’s place to make a whole new bedhead but in keeping with the same style. Johnno’s trusting Trixie in how they can use them but has ripped off a whole bunch of the fascia board they put on it. All they’re keeping is the backing board. The Twiins are amazed at how light their bedhead is. Madi avoids a conflict with Keef over bedheadgate, but we all know it’s inevitable.

The wall Matt plastered the other day is getting a touch up while he and Kim reflect on how awesome their hexagonal room will look with their “hexagonal” bedhead. Jarrod’s pushing on with the recreation of their bedhead and all it needs is a spray.

Trixie returns with the spoils of her shopping but it’s the Keef/Madi showdown that we’ve all been waiting for… after the break. There’s concern from Keef that they have to use the existing piece with minor changes; Madi admits that Jarrod is off at the factory doing “everything”. Keef’s calling it cheating but Madi is adamant that it’s only minor changes in completely remaking the bedhead. It’s firey and both Keef and Madi can’t agree on the interpretation of the rules. Whatever they may be.

The Twiins have arranged a cocktail night out for everyone but acknowledge they still have a ton of work to do – but there’s always time for cocktails. While everyone is invited, not everyone has time to attend. Johnno’s puzzled as to why it’s called when there’s so much to do – “All it seems to be is a chance for the girls to get drunk and dress up in pretty dresses and stuff”. The girls pop by to invite the Level 5 team to the soiree which leaves Johnno puzzled even further. He’s not into it but Trixie admits she thinks they don’t have a choice.It’s all political.

The Blockheads primp themselves up for a big night out – even Keef’s come for a drink as the tension simmers with Madi. Nice hat, Keef. If nothing else it’ll simply bring out the awkward.