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With twelve hours today until the final reveal, everyone on The Block has gone into overdrive.

Dani hates her garden. She’s exhausted and she just wants to go home. The backyard is pretty sparse and Dani thinks its pretty boring. She definitely wants to redo the turf, and it does look pretty ordinary. It badly needs levelling out. Dan thinks it’s a horrible idea but acquiesces.

Keith is trying to clean up the site and he’s cranky about all the mess. He proceeds to begin throwing out Josh’s side pavers.

Amity and Phil’s turf is here. That’s how they ROLL. Ho, ho, ho.

Josh has discovered his side pavers, halfway down the skip and broken. Josh is annoyed but doesn’t want to crack it at Keith, since he’s been really good to them throughout the season. That’s quite good of him.

Duncan has installed a beautiful birdcage the size of a small house. Two talking birds are going in, to deliver messages to the judges. Dunc tries to teach one of them to say “Neale has no colour sense.”

Phil and Amity’s backyard is finished a full half an hour before reveal so they have a glass of champagne to celebrate. Good. Get off my TV.

Dan and Dani’s turf is still not very green, but now laying flat. Definite improvement.

Some dude rolls up on a slightly girly motorbike. Oh, it’s Scott. He whistles and it’s tools down – FOREVER.

John McGraw is joining Neale, Shaynna and Darren for the final judging. His importance is emphasised as he arrived in slow-motion.


They have a deck leading out to a small lawn, surrounded by bench seating along the fence line.  There’s a couch against a feature wall, a beer fridge (shudder), and a BBQ. The judges think it’s all about family and will have widespread appeal. They admire the automatic pergola in a specific, sponsor friendly way. Neale thinks it feels tranquil and private. Darren says he loves it about a million times. John thinks there’s a good chance this will be “right up there” on auction day. Brilliantly non-committal.

DUNCAN AND DALE AND MARK (who swept the deck!)

Dale has created a resort feel in the backyard. There’s an outdoor lounge area that everyone agrees has “wow” factor. There are different levels of decking, a coy pond and some plant… things… the judges like it but agree that it’s a higher maintenance garden. The boys have a hidden speaker in the birdcage and take this opportunity to gleefully start feeding the judges suggestions. The judges think it’s hilarious and that the backyard is amazing.


It’s a beautiful garden. There’s a lush mixture of plants that echoes the kitchen vertical garden. The judges are loving the outdoor kitchen but think that it’s missing some outdoor furniture. They wander around to the side and find the outdoor shower and fall in raptures. John thinks the entire house is elegant and contemporary, with a beautiful garden.


Shaynna likes the vertical garden. Darren likes the outdoor shower under the tree. They all agree it’s nice and simple but the timber is a little unfinished. Neale thinks the back of the garden is boring. They all love the polished concrete deck. The view from the back of the garden is perfect.

It’s back to HQ for the scoring. Scott is being boring when Mark sails in on a motorbicycle. Last week Dale and Dunc unlocked a safe and won a quad bike from Suzuki. It turns out that Dunc and Mark put their moustaches together and decided to swap it for a motorbike as a thank you for Dale. Dale is dead chuffed.

Now judges are here! They’ll be delivering their opinions in person. Everyone claps, as if they’re pleased to see them. Ho, ho, ho. Jenna’s face tightens. This $5000 is for funsies, so everyone wants it.

PHAM: Darren loves their house. Shaynna thinks it’s the perfect family home. The backyard is simple, not over the top.

JOJEN: Many brave steps. A beautiful continuation of the kitchen. They love the outdoor shower. John tells them they’re the most talented couple in The Block’s history. He loves the garden and their house.

DUNDALE: One of the best yards they’ve seen. The most grown-up room in the house. Many different wows. Mark says he was aroused by the judges’ feedback. Probably not Shaynna’s impression of the parrots though. Yikes.

DADAN: Neale thinks their kitchen is a Belle kitchen. He admires the beautiful feel they achieved with almost no money. John is delighted to be selling it.

Time for the scorey scores.

P&A 9 | 9.5 | 9 | 8 = 35 ½

M&D&D 9 | 9 | 9 | 8.5 = 35 ½

J&J 9 | 9 | 8 | 8 = 34

D&D 8 | 7.5 | 7.5 | 7 = 30

Since there’s a tie, iSelect is going to rustle up an extra $5,000 so no one has to share.

Aaaaand it’s all over until the auction tomorrow, which you should ALL WATCH!