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Last night, we saw the lovely Mark rushed to the hospital with a suspected heart attack. This morning, anyone Twitter/newspaper/radio/watercooler adjacent would have heard the real-world update that Mark is now fighting fit and healthier than ever. Back in The Block timeline forever, the news has just broken that Mark is withdrawing from the rest of the renovation and emotions are running high for everyone on site. Mark is a nice bloke who will be clearly be greatly missed by all the Blockheads – especially his bestie Duncan. Tonight everyone is fragile and tempers are frayed.

Duncan has left Mark with his wife Jan and is back at The Block, attempting to focus. He still doesn’t know if Mark’s had a full on heart attack or not and takes some angst out by with a sledgehammer and a wall. Duncan’s wife has organised a babysitter and is coming out to fill in for Mark, and he’s excited to be seeing her soon.

Dan and Dani want to know if they need to waterproof their laundry floor. Keith checks the building code and tells them not to worry about it. Phil the builder – Philder – thinks that Keith’s an idiot and they do need to waterproof. Dan objects but Philder insists. Dani is annoyed that all the indecision means they may not get it waterproofed in time for the tilers. Dan attempts to calm her down by yelling at her to stop whinging.

Phil and Amity’s real estate agents have come to visit and they admire the ill-gotten mezzanine level. They think it could pay off to the tune of $50 000. Amity is showing them the winning third bedroom when she realises there’s a hole in the wall. She throws one of her cutesy tantrums – “BRADLEY. Have you just been waiting to tell me about this? Waiting until I’ve had a wine? GOODNESS. What will I DO with you boys? Don’t think you’re going to leave your dirty socks on the bedroom floor, mister.” You get the drift. Phil responds with the kind of jovial, blokey deflections that we have all grown to loathe.

Back to Dan and Dani and their fight has heated up. Dani demands that Dan understands that the tiles have to be laid tomorrow, to keep with the scheduled cabinet installation. Dan refuses to promise they’ll make that deadline. They’re on the same side and both very emotional. It tapers off and Philder asks Dan if he needs anything. Dan says he’s alright, before offering that he’d like a new missus. Dani tells him to shut up and it flares right back up.

Night falls so it’s time to check on the latest sponsor’s shamelessly themed challenge. Whoever uses the least amount of power during the week will win the power (see what they did there!) to remove a point from an opponent come the next judging. D&D&J&J have begun to openly hate on Phil and Amity and decide to team up to steal the win. Dan and Dani are using Josh and Jenna’s power all week, almost ensuring the win. Duncan checks on the scores for the day, however, and he currently has them beat. Josh and Jenna’s power usage is whopping – surely at some point the other teams will figure out why.

The next morning and Duncan is enjoying the charms of his new roommate, his wife Jen. He explains it’s nice to wake up and see something beautiful rather than something that looks like a bear coming out of hibernation. He misses his mate though. Jen is hard at work sourcing about 20 000 marbles for Duncan’s latest design idea.

Duncan has an idea to install an aquarium in the kitchen, where the heritage stove and chimney sit. Keith’s sudden concern is that the wall has been cut out around and now the structure is not going to hold the 4 tonnes of brickwork above. Duncan correctly points out that he consulted the engineers a few weeks ago and was given the go-ahead and Keith says he perhaps should have interrogated the point longer to get an answer he didn’t want. Keith calls the engineer and tells him how frightened he is. The engineer agrees to come down to The Block and hold him gently.

Josh and Jenna are redesigning the formal lounge as a more comfortable family room. D&D&J&J are all starting to feel guilty about their power challenge scam but the resentment they feel for Phil and Amity is going to overpower the guilt.

The engineer tells Keith that everyone at Duncan’s place has to get out. The roof might collapse and they have to evacuate the site until the engineer comes and gives them the OK. Jen appears to tell Duncan that they can’t get that many marbles in Sydney. Duncan is weary of the constant issues and ready to pack it in. He’s lost his mate, his room his chimney and yes – he’s lost his marbles.

The engineer shows up and advises another skin of bricks going up the inside of the chimney. The advantage of this is that the roof won’t collapse. The downside is that the fish tank that Duncan planned and ordered a month ago, measured and made, now won’t fit. He’s justifiably annoyed that planning ahead has still rendered him fishless. Duncan doesn’t think things can get more painful and offers to test the theory by having his scrotum torn off.

Duncan decides to talk to Keith about some other options for strengthening the chimney. Keith shoots him down immediately. Duncan gets quite cross that Keith isn’t being flexible, considering that it was his call that Duncan could take out the back of the chimney. Keith reiterates repeatedly that it’s not his problem and he doesn’t want to argue about it while Duncan tries to get him to jump on board the helpful train. It’s pretty heated and Keith eventually stalks off, removes his toolbelt and goes home.

Oh no wait, he DOESN’T go home. Keith has put through Duncan’s idea of propping up the chimney and adding an outer skin, the engineer agrees and everyone’s going to win. The roof won’t fall down, Duncan gets his fish tank and Keith and Duncan can be friends again. Keith’s still mad but he’s a bit cranky. They seal the deal with beer.

Phil’s come over to give Duncan a hand and together they knock out a wall without breaking some glass. Jenna also comes over to help and Duncan is chuffed.

Duncan’s got Mark on the phone. He sounds happier and Duncan is stoked to talk to his mate. He assures Mark that they couldn’t have had a smoother day, not a problem at all. Brilliant lying.

Scott has called Duncan and Jen to talk about a new permanent teammate. Jen’s got to get home to the kids, Duncan can’t do it alone and there’s a gallery of former Blockheads to choose from. He’s given a folder of photos to pick his new friend and he makes a clever choice. Gardens are coming up next week and Duncan wants a mate, which makes cheerful landscaper Dale (of Dale and Sophie) a perfect choice.

Back at The Block, a roof or two are leaking. Forebode.

Tomorrow! Style a fancy apartment! DO IT!