The return of The Price Is Right to Channel 7 is an interesting and necessary one, as their 5pm News lead in has struggle for sometime now. Returning Emdur as host is an inspired move as he’s one of the most convivial and enjoyed hosts on the network. It’s not gonna land a man on the moon, but it’ll hit the key demo head on. From the press release:

Host Larry Emdur

One of Australia’s longest serving and most popular game shows, THE PRICE IS RIGHT, is back for 2012 and has returned to its original home, Channel Seven.

Hosted by Larry Emdur, the newly revamped game show which originally premiered in Australia in 1957, will retain its popular format, but will be given the edge of a 21st century game show. “I love this new set, the changes they have made are unbelievable,” says Larry. “The games are faster and the set is brighter. The way they are using all the screens, the LED lights and peoples’ names flashing up on the stage is amazing.

“If I wasn’t involved in this program I would be sitting at home watching, thinking ‘Damn, I wish I was involved in this.’ I am the oldest part of this show. Everything else is really new and cool.” The action takes place in a glitzy new studio, complete with six large plasma screens which open up to reveal the prizes and accommodates a loud live audience ready to win big.

In each episode THE PRICE IS RIGHT contestants will have the chance to ‘Come On Down’ and compete in three fun games to identify the pricing of merchandise in order to win cash and prizes. There are a total of 14 rotating games on THE PRICE IS RIGHT, including a mix of new and old favourites such as Cliff Hangers, Hole In One and Safe Crackers for the contestants to play.

The contestants who competed in the three games then play for a chance to win the grand showcase which is made up of four major prizes including a brand new car.

Joining Larry on THE PRICE IS RIGHT stage is voice over artist Brodie Young and four stunning models – Sarah Pope, Renee Slansky, James Nicholson and Cameron Davis. Brodie grew up watching THE PRICE IS RIGHT as a teenager and is thrilled to be Larry’s wing man. As part of the new style of the game show we can expect to see Brodie pop up all over the studio including in the audience and on the stage with the models.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT starts next Monday, May 7 at 5pm and will screen weekdays. It is a FremantleMedia Australia production for Channel Seven.