Paul Fenech has been making comedy on SBS for over 10 years. Pizza, Swift and Shift, and now Housos – the show that 6 months ago A Current Affair thought was a government-funded reality TV show! It’s as ribald and offensive as you think it will be and then about ten steps more, and that’s all part of the gag. It’s sure to ruffle feathers and cause mayhem, so get in early. From the press release:

Housos is the story of Shazza, Dazza, Franky and Kylie – best mates from “the block”.

Sure, they drink away their problems, they might even have frequent domestic disputes and the occasional punch up with their neighbours, but down on the block it’s all for one and one for all.

Housos follows the riotously funny, day-to-day adventures of the residents of a fictional housing commission block – Sunnyvale. They battle the cops, they scam Centrelink, they even have the odd threesome, but once down with the crew in the hood then it is “Sunnyvale for life”.

To be a houso means that life is far from easy; ambulances avoid their suburbs because kids throw rocks at them, dad owes thousands to the local bikies and the de facto needs bail money . . . again. Much of a houso’s time is spent working hard to avoid actual work!

From the creator of Fat Pizza and Swift and Shift Couriers, Housos is the brain child of Paul Fenech – the assassin of political correctness.

“Housos is by far my best comedy to date. This show is straight out of the headlines. I’ve given up pizza and now chiko rolls and vegemite all the way for me! This is the show your mum will tell you not to watch . . . but then you will sneak off to a corner and watch it anyway,” said Paul Fenech

Housos is a fashion statement from Australia’s dodgiest suburbs. It will provide transportation to a world where self-medicating, poorly educated, unemployed residents in a uniform of thongs, hoodies and Ugg boots are not only the norm; they are a fact of life. They may be trashy but they are literally as thick as thieves.

With a cast comprising of the best of the best previous Paul Fenech productions including Paul Fenech himself, Jason ‘Jabba’ Davis, Kev the Kiwi Taumata, Habib, Tahir, Melissa Tkautz, Ian Turpie, Amanda Keller and Angry Anderson; and introducing Elle Dawe as Shazza. Housos brings the real face of Australia’s suburban underbelly to life.

Housos – Mon 24/10 10pm, SBS one.