I was late to the party when The Chaser started any of their TV stuff. I have enjoyed it all since, and their specific slant of humour appeals to most, though they do have the capacity to take things too far. But who cares… It’s the Chaser! At last we’ll get an expansion on their insight when it comes to how the media cajole and, at times, deceive us. But what is truth? Is truth unchanging law? We both have truths? Are theirs the same as yours? From the press release:


The Chaser team is returning to ABC TV with an original news analysis show called The Hamster Wheel. The Hamster Wheel will examine the contemporary media landscape, where everyone from journalists to political fixers is perpetually at risk of spinning out of control.

“I just can’t wait to get my hands on the ABC credit card again,” said Executive Producer Julian Morrow. “When it comes to dodgy uses of other people’s money, Craig Thomson’s got nothing on The Chaser team.”

Asked about the Chaser team’s return to ABC TV, Managing Director Mark Scott said, “This is the most humble day of my life.” When told about the title for the new show Kim Dalton, Director of ABC TV said, “The Hamster Wheel? Peddling fast and getting nowhere. Very apt for The Chaser. When does the final episode go to air?”

The 8 x 30 min episodes of The Hamster Wheel, which go into production this week, will premiere on ABC1 later this year, but the ABC is hoping that Buckingham Palace will intervene to stop it airing before then. The Hamster Wheel is produced by Giant Dwarf Pty. Ltd. in association with ABC TV. Executive Producers – Julian Morrow & Martin Robertson; ABC Executive Producer – Kath Earle.