It’ll make you cringe. It’ll make you sudder. It’ll make you tune in again week after week. The latest iteration in reality dating shows comes to Channel 7 in 2012, and Please Marry My Boy will translate to Australian culture in the best way we know how – poorly. Over-bearing mums vetting prospective women for their son WHILE SITTING NEXT TO THEM?! That sounds more like a nightmare than a dream. From the press release:

Channel Seven today announced Home & Away’s Ada Nicodemou will host the prime-time 2012 series PLEASE MARRY MY BOY. The series gives four Aussie mums the power to find their un-lucky-in-love sons the girl of their dreams.

“Who doesn’t know a mum who dreams of her son meeting the perfect girl, falling in love and get married,” says Ada who admits she didn’t think twice when offered the hosting role.
“I’m always on the look-out for my single friends. I can’t help it – it’s the born match-maker in me. I’ll meet someone and immediately start making mental notes about why they would make a good partner.”

“The mums we meet in the series are fantastic. They approach the task of finding a match for their sons with military precision. They know their boys better than anyone, so they have very firm ideas about the perfect mate. Their sons had better watch out!”

Beginning with a round of speed dating with a twist; the mums and sons meet 10 gorgeous girls, but what the son doesn’t know, is that mum will be the one choosing his top three candidates. The surprises keep coming when the chosen girls are given the unexpected news; they are moving in with mum!

Opinions clash, emotions flare and it’s an on-going negotiation between mother and son. Is the perfect partner lively and loud or quietly confident? Romantic or practical? Career or family focused? . . . Capricorn or Virgo?

Like any fledging romance, there are bumps along the way – bad dates, clashes with extended family and of course, disagreements with the future in-laws. It’s also under mum’s roof that the girls learn a few hard lessons about love.

PLEASE MARRY MY BOY is an original ITV Studios format produced locally by Granada Media Australia. Executive Producer for Channel Seven is Sonya Wilkes. Executive producer for Granada Media Australia is Geraldine Orrock.