Finally, the smartest drama we’ve seen in ages returns for a second series in Australia. This second series is good even if you may have seen it via other methods it’s worth tuning in for again as each episode is complete watercooler material. The first episode of season two is spectacular – cannot wait to see the others. From the press release:

Sherlock, the multi-award-winning detective series, is back as Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson return to solve three of their most famous cases.

The new series premieres on Channel Nine on Wednesday, February 15, at 8.30pm.

Business has never been better for the dynamic duo of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) since Dr Watson’s online blog took off – and their cases have never been more gripping.

In the premiere episode of the new series (A Scandal in Belgravia) Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, convinces him to take on his most powerful client yet: someone from Buckingham Palace who will do anything to get some very compromising photographs back. The case finds Sherlock embroiled in the murky waters of blackmail as he tries to recover the photos taken by Irene Adler, a beautiful and dangerous dominatrix. Sherlock discovers that Irene is his intellectual equal, and a battle of wits ensues as he needs all of his remarkable skills to survive, let alone solve the case.

In episode two (The Hounds of Baskerville) a young man, Henry Knight, asks Sherlock and Watson to investigate his father’s death at the teeth of a gigantic hound. The case takes them to Dartmoor and an ultra-secret military base engaged in secret genetic experiments which could be connected to the death. The wilds of Dartmoor bring our terrified heroes face-to-face with the supernatural as they battle a creature from hell itself.

In the chilling final episode (The Reichenbach Fall) Sherlock and Watson lock horns with the dastardly James Moriarty, their arch enemy, as they confront a problem that tests the limits of their loyalty and courage. After lying dormant, Moriarty, who possesses the greatest criminal mind the world has ever known, emerges with the crime of the century: The Tower of London, the Bank of England and Pentonville prison all sprung open on the same day, as if by magic. But Moriarty’s evil plans don’t stop there. Sherlock must also fight for his reputation, his sanity and his life.

With beguiling performances, witty scripts and a cast of intriguing characters, series two of Sherlock brings more thrilling twists and turns to some of the greatest detective work ever seen.

Sherlock – starts Wed 15/02 8.30pm, Ch9.