The end… is just a little harder when brought about by friends. A bold move by Lisa McCune, working to shake off Constable Maggie Doyle, accepted her role within Sea Patrol on the condition that the cast were listed in alphabetical order (congrats Brisbane boy John Batchelor!) and we were welcomed aboard the HMAS Hammersley and wondered just how much drama could be delivered on an Australian Navy ship working to protect our borders in Far North Queensland.

It’s been a solid four seasons for Channel 9 – strong but not spectacular ratings have helped the show rate in the top 6 regularly, and assisted the network to win the night even though it’s bounced around a little. Given this is the fifth and final series of the show it’s likely to rate very well, however it is up against Channel 7’s new show du jour in Winners and Losers – so the heat is on. Looking forward to seeing Kate and the crew bring it against Frances and the girls. From the press release:

SEA PATROL 5 – DAMAGE CONTROL premieres when HMAS Hammersley steams out for an explosive final mission on Tuesday, April 26, at 8.30pm on Channel Nine.

In 13 action-packed episodes Commander Mike Flynn (Ian Stenlake) and his crew will go head-to-head with terrorists, drug traffickers, serial killers and people-smugglers while risking their lives to save friend and foe alike from dangerous attacks.

With a network of terrorists in play, the crew of the Hammersley face their greatest challenge yet to bring them down. Their solidarity, loyalty and integrity will be tested at work and play.

As well as Ian Stenlake, Lisa McCune (Lieutenant Kate McGregor) returns to the senior officer cast of Sea Patrol along with Tammy MacIntosh (Commander Maxine White).

Regular crew members returning for the fifth season include Matthew Holmes (Swain), John Batchelor (Charge), Kristian Schmid (RO), Conrad Coleby (Dutchy) and the Hammersley’s junior sailors Nikolai Nikolaeff (2Dads) and Danielle Horvat (Bird).

Guest star Ditch Davey is back as SAS Captain Jim Roth to work alongside the Hammersley crew in uncovering a terrorist ring, while Renai Caruso guest stars as ASIO operative Madelaine Cruise. Dominic Deutscher also returns as Ryan White, Maxine’s son, a junior officer under training who is posted to the warship for his first rotation.

In the premiere episode a deadly terrorist bombing sets off a rite of passage for one of the Hammersley’s younger sailors. In the aftermath, Mike is forced to assist Madelaine Cruise (Caruso) on a covert SAS mission to kidnap and question a suspect. One of the SAS team is Captain Roth (Davey), Kate’s (McCune) old flame. Amid the tensions on board, Madelaine gathers information on the man behind the bombing and leads an assault on his safe-house, desperate to stop another deadly plot – bombing HMAS Hammersley.


Sea Patrol season 5 (final) – premieres Tue 26/04 8:30pm, Channel 9.