The one where Sammy J lurches from one controversy to the next, be it dealing with airport security in Dubai, to hating on Twitter, to the secret revelation of his long-held pastime as a gardener of sorts.

Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Naturally there’s lots of talk about his new show SAMMY J AND RANDY IN RICKETT’S LANE (appearing on ABC iview in September and then on ABC TV in October), including the Tim Ferguson connection, the Brough-mance and the great list of Australian comedians with cameos (also the new spin-off show Comedians in Costume having Cameos).

Prepare yourselves for lots of comic nerdery & discussion of easter eggs that will make Rickett’s Lane one of this year’s must-watch comedies. Also: NERDS.

While I think of it, just where was Sammy J born, and to whom?

I’m super stoked to share this Sammy J chat with you all on MolksTVTalk the podcast (#MTTpod). Spread the love & pod it forward, please – I’m digging you all digging it!

In this episode…


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