The one where Dan MacPherson discuss is already very full career across Australian TV and dive headlong in the process of making INFINI and then popping up as horse-riding elven-warrior-prince on the soon to be released THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES.

If you want to check out what the big new thing from MTV looks like here’s the teaser from Comic-Con 2015: – AMAZING!

There’s lots of talk of hair (NEIGHBOURS) and no hair (THE BILL), clowns (DANCING WITH THE STARS) and no clowns (WILDBOYS) and everything in between. What is obvious is Dan’s passion for his craft, how dedicated he is and the opportunities that can be presented to you when you take big risks, particularly in Hollywood.

If you never want to sleep again here’s the DWTS/Mark Holden clown incident Dan speaks of.

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In this episode…
* News
* Pick A Box of Pot Luck – What Show Am I edition
* Couchtime
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