The one where Justin Hamilton & I talk about TV so much we don’t actually get to talk about his relationship with TV (though from this episode you’ll have a good indication of how it works). The real challenge we put to you is this: Can you make it through the 15 minutes of Star Wars Episode VII plot discussion BEFORE we get to the other stuff? The only correct answer is yes.


There’s talk about the Australian comedy ‘mafia’ and Hammo’s preference of reality TV shows, along with a smudge of politics to boot, mainly thanks to Q&A and the SBS budget cuts vs the SBS Amendment Act that didn’t pass through the Senate. Bastards.

It’s also a special edition of PICK A BOX OF POT LUCK where Hammo drops some massive truthbombs about The Wire, The Shield, True Detective S01, Lost and Mad Men. You won’t want to miss it!

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In this episode…
* News
* Pick A Box of Pot Luck
* Credits


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