The one where Steele Saunders settles in for a chat about Star Wars, Seinfeld and so very much more. LISTEN to the time that Steele revealed he actually knows more about reality television than he lets on; HEAR Steele doing “the voice” when playing Carol the Waitress from the first episode of Seinfeld in “Scenetastic”; AUDIBLY GASP at the recollection of Steele’s televisual history and his recounting of how passion for his favourite TV show lead him down a path of destruction (not really, but it’s great sizzle none the less). It’s week 2 of the new podcast format and all the feedback received so far has been overwhelmingly positive – THANK YOU! Let me know on Twitter (@MolksTVTalk) or in the comments on what you’re liking about the new pod – also I’ll take guest suggestions so that you get to hear stories from your favourite comedians and TV people.

In this episode…
* News
* For Realz – MTT’s 5 question reality TV quiz
* Couched Time
* Scenetastic – the very first scene from the very first Seinfeld
* Roll Credits

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Steele Saunders

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