For Queenslanders, the floods of January 2011 still bring back many memories – of hopelessness, of loss, of comradeship, of optimism… a sense of overcoming. The clean up after the devastation of the floods as well as the money raised at the telethon showed what it means to stand next to your mate – figuratively if not literally – and help out in a time of need. One year on, it will be important to remember. From the press release:

As we weep for what we have lost, and as we grieve for family and friends and we confront the challenge that is before us, I want us to remember who we are.
We are Queenslanders.
We’re the people that they breed tough, north of the border.
We’re the ones that they knock down, and we get up again.

Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh MP

These are the words that captured the spirit of our great state at a time when we faced one of our greatest adversities.

Twelve months on from south-east Queensland’s devastating floods, Nine News’ Melissa Downes and Andrew Lofthouse will broadcast LIVE from South Bank Parklands and reflect on this incredible time in our state’s history on Sunday, 8 January at 6.30pm on Nine.

Through extraordinary images we remember the devastation and share the heartbreaking stories of families who lost loved ones and return to flood victims who continue to fight back.

Join Nine News as we honour our heroes and look back at the courage and bravery of how we rallied, united together as the Mud Army.

This tragedy brought out the best in Queenslanders, and in this one hour special we celebrate and salute the unwavering spirit of our great state.

Queensland Floods – One Year On – Sun 8/1/12 6:30pm, Ch9.