The camera *loves* him

James Tobin strikes me as one of the genuinely nice guys of Australian televison. His relaxed persona on air only benefits this new season of No Leave, No Life – and I’m sure Channel 7 execs were banking on it. He’s a natural presenter, and suprising hard working Aussies with a free domestic holiday means those pearly whites get a workout. Watch your back Larry Emdur.

This series has struck me as a little more accessible with the new host in Tobin (Ernie Dingo was host of the first series), and perhaps it’s that we’re all in need of a holiday that this show resonates so well. Besides we all like to see people enjoy other places, and having the backing of the Australian Tourism Commission and Virgin Blue never hurt either. Oh look – the press release:

Did you know that Australians are amongst the hardest workers in the world?

Not only do we work long hours, but we don’t take enough holidays. Australians have racked up over 117 million days of annual leave. That’s over 300,000 years of holidays!

In this unique lifestyle and travel show, NO LEAVE, NO LIFE, host James Tobin finds Aussies who are living to work, not working to live like they should.

Like many of us, they are the types of people who devote their time to their jobs and pile up weeks and weeks of holidays they feel they can’t or won’t take. These people are so committed to their jobs they can’t bring themselves to leave it behind, to their detriment.

With the blessing of their bosses, each week James surprises these hardworking Aussies and takes them on a dream holiday where their only job is to relax and have fun. Without even having time to pack, they are whisked away with their loved ones for an unforgettable Australian holiday.

In their absence, well-known comedians take their place at work and show them the world doesn’t fall apart if they take a week off for a holiday. Safe in the knowledge that their job is covered, James takes his new mates away for a week to unwind, relax and recharge in some of his favourite places in Australia.

On their trips, they encounter some of Australia’s most beautiful destinations and reconnect with their friends and family with a few tailor-made surprises thrown in, including visits from some of their idols.

Featuring some of Australia’s most loved comedians including Akmal Saleh, Julia Morris and Anh Doh and guest appearances from the likes of Rachael Finch, Max Walker and Mark Winterbottom, NO LEAVE, NO LIFE helps Aussies realise the value of taking time out.


No Leave, No Life – Saturdays 6:30pm, Ch7
Image/Video sources: Channel 7.