Damn straight she is.

This is a great move by the ABC to retain some wonderful talent in Myf post-Spicks and Specks, and is reminiscent of Amanda Keller’s Mondo Thingo which was on air for far too short a run far too long ago. This will likely be very enjoyable must watch TV. From the press release:

Myf Warhurst, star of ABC TV’s Spicks and Specks, will return to ABC1 next year with her very own six-part documentary series – Myf Warhurst’s Nice. Myf will take viewers on a cultural crusade exploring some of the favourite things from her youth. It’s a show that embraces past cultural icons and takes a closer look at what surrounds us – the stuff you find in your own living room rather than in a gallery or museum. It’s a celebration of all the things that are just, well… ‘nice’.

The show will be a nostalgic journey to find out what our popular taste says about us as a nation. Along the way Myf will ask whether these ‘nice’ things tell us more about who we are than we are prepared to admit, and in order to fully appreciate what’s ‘great’, do we also need to embrace the ‘nice’?

It’s been a long road from Myf’s early years as an isolated country teenager, desperate for an ’80s spiral perm, to co-hosting one of Australia’s most popular entertainment programs. On the way, she realised that even though she was a little ashamed about some of her early life experiences, on closer inspection, ‘popular’ is not necessarily a dirty word. Whether it’s the embarrassing family portrait, the humble dim sim, Copperart, or an unhealthy obsession with cheesy love duets, the fabric of Myf’s youth has gone on to influence her tastes today. And she’s not alone.

“I’m digging out the bedazzler, putting on my oversized koala wool knit jumper, and travelling the country to rediscover some of my favourite things, and meet some of my teenage heroes along the way,” says Myf. “Many hilarious (and occasionally dubious) things have shaped who I am, so it’s time to give them credit. And as far as life dreams go, I never got to marry Kenny Rogers so this is the next best thing.”

“We are thrilled to present Myf’s nostalgic trip through pop culture and design,” says Amanda Duthie, ABC TV Head of Arts and Entertainment. “The series promises to be an honest, informative and thoroughly entertaining celebration of suburban pleasures and everydayness.”
The 6 x 30min Myf Warhurst’s Nice will be in production for the remainder of the year, and will screen in 2012.

Myf Warhurst’s Nice is a That’s Nice Productions/ABCTV co-production. ABC TV Executive Producer: Kath Earle; ABC TV Head of Arts and Entertainment: Amanda Duthie; Director: Aaron Smith; Series Producer: Susie Jones.