A special as-live podcast recorded from the SBS 2014 Showcase/UpFronts in Sydney.

I had a great time chatting to all sorts of SBS peeps (hello Anton Enus, THE FEED Gang, Sarah Abo, Dan Ilic, Lucy Zelic, Matt Okine, etc) and hearing all about the amazingness that will be on SBS next year, including every minute of every game of the FIFA WORLD CUP – in 2014, SBS gets a brazillian. There’s lots, LOTS more of course and it’s discussed at length and little detail in this fun episode. Enjoy my chats with JEANETTE FRANCIS, PATRICK ABBOUD, MATT OKINE, MARC FENNELL, ANDY PARK, and TONY IFFLAND on what to expect from Australia’s public broadcaster that could.

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