In a rare moment of togetherness Josh and I got to sit down TOGETHER and record a new TV podcast. SO MUCH has been going on so we dissect the issues flying around for Channel 7; Channel 10’s fear of a blogger’s ability to stymie a show before it launches; and the upcoming analog shutdown in south east Queensland. There’s also random chatting about Nimble TV (want to get your US TV immediately and legally?) and my favourite new show DIRTY LAUNDRY LIVE.

Feel free to get in touch with either of us louts who hold court on the podcast – Josh (@JoshuaWithers) or me (@MolksTVTalk). Review the podcast and its shoddy audio on iTunes, or simply swing by to pillory us in virtual person. Not that cool for school? E-mail us ( and let us know what you really think.

(This episode also heralds its inclusion as part of the UNPOPULAR podcast network, including the THING COMMITTEE and the about to be delivered Can Do Campbell’s POINT OF ORDER podcast.)

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