2013 has already started with some big changes – not least of which is the new 6pm News team over at Seven News Brisbane.

Bill McDonald and Sharyn Ghidella have been brought together to lead the news team Sunday to Thursday for Queensland, with incumbents Kay McGrath & Rod Young remaining to deliver the ‘new weekend’ Friday and Saturday nights. Bill comes fresh from Channel Ten Brisbane, having spent nine years anchoring the news there and 16 years total with the network, and Sharyn has been reading the weekend news for Ch7 for years.

The team were dropped into the frying pan with the floods affecting the Queensland coast, having to deliver over 20 hours of rolling coverage in their first week together on air. It was great to chat with both of them about their new roles, their lives as journalists and to get a bit of an insight as to how well they read Ch7 programming press releases. A big thanks to Bill (@billmcdonald1) and Sharyn (@SharynGhidella) for their time in recording this interview.

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