Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brings us all manner of amazeballs and future toys. 2013’s installment was no different – just as well we had the man in charge of all things tech for SBS Trevor Long (@trevorlong) along to help us weed through the noise and spot the latest on new TV tech (that’s a lot of “longs”).

Front Sony to Samsung to Hisense to Google to the ever-missing Apple, everyone had something to offer to reshape and rebrand our lounge rooms. 4K? No problems. OLED? Sure, I’ll take two. 100″ LED screens? One for the bathroom, one for the toot, one for the garage. If you can afford it you’re likely not listening, so for the rest of us it’s a chance to know what we might get our hands on in three or four years. Or next week if you’ve a Samsung TV, apparently (I still love my new Sony no matter what Trevor says).

A massive thanks to Trevor from YourTechLife.com and a million other tech websites and podcasts for taking the time to speak with Josh and I.

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