Live from Canada, eh?!

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This week we asked: With Ch7 officially axing Australia’s Got Talent (#AGT) – what’s the one Aussie show you’d dump & why?

Then it got serious. We discussed the “loss” of AUSTRALIA’S GOT TALENT; the HOUSOS light up the big screen with their burning farts; the BEAUTY AND THE GEEK AUSTRALIA makeovers; Ed Kavalee’s SCUMBUS comes to TV; and what might be coming to TV on Channel 9 in 2013 (STOP PRESS: It may actually be AGT!).

The benefit of the both of us in two different continents it allows us to discuss the NEWSPORN that has been the last few days covering the tsunami warning in Hawaii and Hurricane Sandy – a tale of TV coverage from two continents. As usual we offer up our MustWatch recommendations, and announce our S02 GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM DVD giveaway, thanks to MADMAN FILMS.

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