Another joyous week of Skype-infused podcasts, where Josh and I discuss all things technical while delivering a TV podcast.

It was almost the biggest week we’ve seen in TV this year – CHANNEL NINE announce they’re back after clearing their debt schedule; ABC release their summer schedule (including the DR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL); OUTLAND gets an airing in LA; MEDIA WATCH profiles mummy bloggers; AND CHANNEL SEVEN and CHANNEL TEN released their 2013 schedules – with all the new shiny things (including Ch10’s new shiny Chief Programming Officer Beverley McGarvey)!

We also took the chance to find out how you thought Ch10 could solve their debt crisis after announcing they made a $13 million loss this last financial year.

Also, thanks to MADMAN FILMS we gave away some DVD sets! More of this to come over the next weeks!

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Tune in next week when you’ll hear Josh say: “Molk, are you there?.”

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