It’s the biggest week in TV since Easter – a metric ton of new shows starting/finishing and all of them important to the respective network.

There’s the performance (or lack thereof) from EVERYBODY DANCE NOW, the return of BIG BROTHER, the successful launches of PUBERTY BLUES and UNDERBELLY BADNESS. There’s also new stuff coming including HOWZAT!, THE X FACTOR AUSTRALIA, CAN OF WORMS featuring Chrissie Swan, GCB and DON’T TELL THE BRIDE.

And then… there is THE NEWSROOM (just. fricken. amazing.).

Add in to the mix that just as I went to publish the podcast Channel 10 release an immediate and important change to their schedule that announces a significantly reduced run for EDN, a moved THE SHIRE and an increased run for I WILL SURVIVE (which will now likely end sooner than expected).

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