SadFace. Josh is moving to Sydney so this is the last podcast he and SteveMolk will be doing together. So we pushed through and recorded a rocking podcast with all the latest news, views and ill-informed opinions everyone’s come to know and love across the last 40 podcasts. There’s Shaun Micallef fanboyism, amazement at Joe Hildebrand’s new documentary experiment, amazement at Lisa Wilkinson waking up and dealing with Karl for as long as she has, and ratings fanboyism. Just the way you like it.

On this week’s show we cover such topics as:

  • STATE OF ORIGIN ratings record.
  • Controversy! Shaun Micallef’s MAD AS HELL is funny and people don’t agree!
  • SBS’s foray into reality drama – BOLLYWOOD STAR.
  • NEWSNIGHT gone. Hello (again) TEN LATE NEWS.
  • SteveMolk speaks exclusively with the host of TEN LATE NEWS Hamish Macdonald.
  • THAT SHOW scheduled… watch at your peril.
  • GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM season two cast announced. WTF?!
  • Joe Hildebrand asks if Australia is DUMB, DRUNK AND RACIST.
  • Lisa Wilkinson celebrates 5 years on THE TODAY SHOW.
  • EUROVISION 2012 goes loud, large and long.
  • Your questions answered and MustWatch TV.

Keep in touch with us – you can e-mail, tweet either Josh or SteveMolk and we’ll give you a shout out and everything. That’s just the kind of podcast whores we are. We know you love it. There’s a growing bunch of shout-outs at the end of the podcast from like-minded peeps, so stay tuned to see if you got a mention. It’s a community service and one we’re proud to offer.

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