We sound very pretty today. Not a Kasey Chambers kind of pretty enough, but pretty nonetheless. Searching for a sugar daddy paid off and from this week on we have actual microphones and recording gear and we sound almost semi-amateur. We think, anyway.

Given it’s the final week of the first part of ratings for 2012 we did discuss what was great and what was EXCESS BAGGAGE this year. You make your calls and see if you agree with us. There’s also a huge Q&A session towards the end of the podcast where we answer all sorts of questions (none of them accurately), so if you asked, it was answered.

On this week’s show:

  • The 2012 MOLKIES. (1:40)
  • MY KITCHEN RULES finale finally. (11:14)
  • Working Dog back on form with PICTURES OF YOU. (25:46)
  • The hits and misses of the first quarter for 2012. (38:06)
  • All the TV newsy news you didn’t know was news. (55:06)
  • Our biggest Q&A yet, and another shambolic MustWatch. (1:07:09)

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