Well here we go – the first week of ratings, and SteveMolk & Josh are back with another podcast episode to educate, confuse and horrify. Kerri-Anne resurfaces, Sunrise has a nasty case of the delays, Channel 7 finally get their Revenge, House gets cancelled two seasons too late just as it’s about to start screening in Australia – there’s just so much to talk about. Recorded on Valentine’s Day (for all the lovers out there) because Molk had some commitments in SYD on Wednesday… but you’ll hear all about that too.

Oh, and Josh was REALLY sick.

On this week’s show:

  • The 2012 MOLKIES! (2:50)
  • THE BIGGEST LOSERs fall in love. (8:40)
  • REVENGE rocks on premiere for Ch7. (12:03)
  • Foxtel launch A&E – with added MEGATRUCKERS! (16:53)
  • Kerri-Anne surfaces on Ch7. (20:05)
  • Ch10’s BREAKFAST gets an airdate. 22:34)
  • That’s a lot of “nearly” for SUNRISE. (27:02)
  • HOUSE cancelled after S08. (32:36)
  • The ABC delivers more new programming. (34:24)
  • SteveMolk interviews Sean James Murphy & Dario Russo from DANGER 5. (37:30)
  • This week’s MustWatch TV. (1:04:50)

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