We’re back, baby!

There’s already so much going on in 2012 we can all barely keep up with it. The one thing we can be sure about: this year is going to be one of the most hotly contested ratings years we’ve seen in a long time. New boss at Ch10 vs Ch7’s big red train still barrelling along vs the ABC’s pluckiness vs Ch9 pushing hard to get out of the number 2 spot.

This week, I (SteveMolk) had the chance to attend the Brisbane launch of Channel 7’s 2012 schedule and speak with a number of the network stars, local radio identities and Ch7 PR staff for this week’s podcast. In the middle you’ll hear some of the formal part of the evening hosted by Andrew O’Keeffe that includes interviews with the four Qld My Kitchen Rules contestants and the 7 News Brisbane team. Hang in right to the end for a sparking analysis of the AOK’s performance. You’ll also hear a lot of TV buzz words and catch phrases tossed around by TV types. Enjoy!

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