It’s time to make a confession. When we started out with MolksTVTalk – the Podcast 15 episodes ago, we planned to deliver a tight 30 min program that had a good mix of news, an interview, a chat about the ratings and some recommendations of TV to watch. We wanted it to be entertaining, and we wanted to break some stories there as well as dive under the covers of the headlines and develop the story further. Fat chance of all that for this episode. At least it’s mostly entertaining. Mostly. We did get to have an excellent chat with actor/author/Sharks fan Brendan Cowell about his involvement in the making of The Slap for the ABC. A rare high point in an hour of low-brow humour.

TV, thy name be podcasted:

  • Stop! News time (1:00)
    • Obamarama comes to town!
    • Diwani gets The Slap-down.
    • Sonia Kruger to host BB 2012?
    • YAWN! Golf on television.
  • Stop! Brendan Cowell from The Slap intervivew time (21:03).
  • Stop! Ratings time (42:25).
  • Stop! MustWatch TV time (51:27).

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