Australia’s most wildly successful audio podcast about television containing SteveMolk and Josh is back, this time with some added Curry. Bernard Curry, that is. White Gold. Bendigo Tea. With the launch of Beauty and the Geek Australia tonight we spoke with our favourite geek/beauty wrangler about the new series and the fun had by all (BY. ALL.) in delivering it to our plasma sets over the coming weeks. There is also quality Emmys analysis that quickly transmogrifies into shoddy Emmys analysis, and the revelation of the BEST TV CONSPIRACY THEORY EVER. You be the judge.

You may be interested in the number of things we discuss in a 30 minute timeframe that sounds more like 38:

  • All the talk around the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards.
  • Ashton Kutcher joins the new series of Two and a Half Men.
  • Best. Charlie Sheen Conspiracy Theory. Ever.
  • Charlie Sheen gets roasted, but good.
  • Roving all over LA.
  • Bye Bye Sandra Sully. Again.
  • Hey Hey threatens to tour for it’s 40th anniversary.
  • SteveMolk & Josh discuss all things Beauty and the Geek Australia with host Bernard Curry.
  • Everything going down in Ratings Town.
  • All the television you should be watching.

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