More TV talking, more MolksTVTalk – the Podcast. We’re delighting all demos and spilling over the total people to ensure you, dear listener, gets the full sonic experience that is outrage, review, ranting, ratings and ravings about television in Australia. Your hosts Steve Molk and Josh are back for another week – this time after taking some elocution lessons that failed. And Josh can’t pronounce the word “ether” either.

In this special pentagonal episode, we mumble through such topics as:

  • Melissa Doyle leaving Sunrise.
  • In October, Channel 10 changes it’s weekend News service. Again.
  • The Renovators wraps and decides that “just because it doesn’t rate doesn’t mean it’s not a good show”.
  • We wrap up the Cans of Wormy goodness
  • Good News World starts with a whimper more than a bang
  • Josh continues to bitch about the Lawn Bowls coverage being cut from the ABC.
  • SteveMolk chats with John Batchelor, one of the stars of Underbelly Razor (Sun 8:30pm, Ch9).
  • What you watched
  • Our recommendations for the coming week’s TV schedule

MolksTVTalk – the Podcast. Like a Virgin.