Strap in, Couch Connoisseurs, for the ever expanding MolksTVTalk – the Podcast‘s difficult third episode. Made all the more easier courtesy a very gracious Wil Anderson allowing himself to be hauled over the very lukewarm interviewing skills coals of Josh & SteveMolk.

For this triumphant episode, we decided these things were worthy of discussion:

  • The finale of The Block, and the knock-on effects of not selling your house on TV
  • The FACTS on the Channel 10 launch… now that we actually know what we’re talking about
  • How Channel 9 want absolutely everybody to watch Vanessa Amorosi on The Voice Australia next year
  • Wil Anderson lowered himself to our level to talk the Gruen Transfer – he was WILarious
  • Your weekly ratings wrap
  • We exhort you on the things you MustWatch – we well reckon so, anyway

MolksTVTalk – the Podcast. So chumpy, you can carve it.